The Meaning of a Name - HiLine


I once heard this story about a little kid whose parents allowed him to choose his own middle name when he turned 5 years old. The kid choose Helicopter. Why? Because when you’re 5 years old there is nothing cooler than fuckin helicopters so why wouldn’t you want your middle name to be Helicopter. Now I don’t know this kid personally, but there is no way that he doesn’t grow up to be super awesome. Most of us aren’t as fortunate so we go through life with the names that we were given by parents who never would have decided to name their children after inanimate flying objects. It’s a shame really. But when you start a company, you get to name it and you can only hope it’s as cool as having the middle name of Helicopter.

So although HiLine will never be Helicopter, the same deciding principles applied. HILine came from what captures our imagination in the same way helicopters capture the imagination of a 5 year old. The mountains have always been a part of my life, always will be, but there is a subtle beauty to Montana’s HiLine. The HiLine has no mountains, no snow capped peaks, no big faces, but there exists a landscape full of stark contrasts, desolate skies, and beautiful simplicity. This forgotten landscape tucked away to the north captures my imagination and inspires us to build products with clean lines, sharp edges, and a simple aesthetic.

The mountains are our home however, and in turn it is the mountains that determine our products function. Although everything we build is aesthetically simple, it is built to be worn high in the mountains. To this end, the HiLine name takes on another meaning – the high point in the skyline. For us, this is where the fun is, no matter the season.

Lastly, I like the way HiLine sounds. I like the way it looks when it’s written out. I like that it has meaning to me. But honestly, HiLine is just a name that I really liked and no matter what happens with our company down the road, it will never be as cool as having the middle name: Helicopter.

HiLine. You gotta start somewhere.