HiLine… HiLine is the dream. It has changed shape a little bit over the years, but it’s always been there no matter where we're at or what we're doing. From day one we wanted to do things that truly interest us and on our own terms. To be original. To be different. To be deep in the mountains. To go skiing. That's it really. HiLine is just the product of this thinking; a way to chase the proverbial dream to see where it goes. We hope it takes us skiing every day, honestly.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

We set out to design and build products that are aesthetically simple and technically advanced. Clothing in general is so unique in this regard. It sits squarely between form and function. It is equal parts survival and self-expression. Few things exist in this same way and we have a great appreciation for both the function and style of the things we all choose to wear. 

As a brand we employ a direct sales model because we believe in delivering a higher quality product at a lower cost to the customer. A more robust local supply chain and manufacturing network allows for shorter lead times, higher quality, and greater authenticity. It also allows a small brand like HiLine to maintain a closer relationship with all those involved in bringing a product to market. You included. 

So what is HiLine?... HiLine builds baselayers to keep you warm and dry in the endless pursuit of epic days, legendary snows, and high fives. We are passionate about what we do and the products we make as they are an extension of ourselves and what we truly care about. They are designed to be different and built to perform. We build the products to get you there and looking different along the way. Because ultimately that’s the whole point.

Justin & Ali